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Article: Silver Medal for Picual Deortegas in the "Best Healthy EVOO in the World" Contest

Rapa, la flor del olivo...

Silver Medal for Picual Deortegas in the "Best Healthy EVOO in the World" Contest

Inside the contest The World Best Healthy Evoo Contest 2018-19 he Deortegas Picual Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil has obtained a Silver Medal for the Healthiest Oil in the World and first from Spain.

Very proud of this recognition that values ​​the chemical analysis of the oil, confirming that our oil is, thanks to its components, a super food ally of the health and the well-being of the body.

We leave you a press release from the Andalusian Oleocanthal Society that explains the bases of the contest very well.

To understand it, we must know the composition of a Healthy Extra Virgin Olive Oil means, from a medical point of view, that the oil we are ingesting is very Healthy, unlike other Extra Virgin Olive Oils that are not Healthy and we can demonstrate that, among other things, with the level of triglycerides in the diet. EVOOs low in saturated fats result in a Healthy diet. That is why the top five this year are around 14%, and that is the policy that should be followed. Lower contents of saturated fat will considerably improve our Cardiovascular Health.

Along with this, the next hopeful data is with the level of Phenols. Year after year, we find that the phenol content is increasing. The Therianos Family Company from Greece has obtained 990.7 Total Phenols. And the top five in the range of Total Phenols are above 600.

These are the data that are deduced from the studies of total fats and phenols that Dr. Juan Antonio Tello has found with his JA Tello – Tentamus laboratory for the WBHEC 2018 – 2019 Competition.

Finally, we should also highlight the content of Oleocanthal, which is the most effective Phenol from a medical point of view, according to scientific evidence. The analysis carried out by the laboratory of the University of Córdoba by Professor Feliciano Priego, has found high levels of Oleocanthal with a figure of 437 using the analytical technique of liquid chromatography with detection by tandem mass spectrometry, at the Cooperativa San Francisco of Assisi of Granada.

These results warn us that we are improving the quality of our Extra Virgin Olive Oils. And that in the coming years we will find better results, either due to the cultivation techniques and production process, or due to the fatty quality of the olive oils, which are becoming healthier every day.

We want to highlight, along with the winner AGRICOLA POBEÑA from Chile, the Deortegas oil mill from Murcia, in 2nd position, which has been doing great work for years. The surprise of the new generation of Portuguese Aoves led by the COOP DE OLIVICULTORES VALPAÇOS CRL, a cooperative located on the line between Portugal and Galicia that has placed itself in 3rd position.

To read more about the contest visit the website World Best Healthy Evoo Contest

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