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Article: Reforestation on the Fuente la Negra farm

A más diversidad, más posibilidades, más vida... #reforestación #biodiversidad

Reforestation on the Fuente la Negra farm

The more diversity, the more possibilities…the more life…

Again, at this time we are carrying out reforestation of native forest plants on one of our farms.

With this action we intend to create, in the different “banks” that separate the plots, green spaces where we can enhance the diversity of both wild flora and useful fauna, creating shelters, alternative foods for their survival and in this way, little by little, the diversification of the agrosystem on this farm.

In this case we have incorporated about 420 seedlings in total of native tree and shrub plants such as rosemary, thyme, rockrose, broom, lavender, holm oak, strawberry tree, mastic, etc...

By preserving these old terrace walls we offer shelter to allied fauna and flora while creating effective barriers against erosion.

The olive grove is not just a crop, it is the landscape and the environment in which the lives of its inhabitants develop. Its importance is not only economic, social and cultural, it is also environmental and its management also determines the environmental quality of these territories.

It is nice for us to make this type of contributions and see what we are planting grow and integrate into the land... we hope that everything grows happily and that in the spring we are surprised by the flowers and our pollinator friends!!


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