Hojiblanca Deortegas in the Flos Olei 2020 guide

We share with great enthusiasm great news for us, Hojiblanca Deortegas will be present with 98 points in the Flos Olei 2020 Guide.

This recognition a few days after starting the 2019-2020 campaign motivates us to continue striving to get the best out of our fruit.

This is the first Guide of international scope dedicated to oil producing companies around the world and their extra virgin, selected with absolute precision criteria by a panel of expert tasters coordinated by Marco Oreggia, editor and editor of the entire volume. Carried out directly in two languages (Italian-English and Italian-Chinese), the Guide presents 52 selected countries on 5 continents. Italy and Spain also have a map of the olive sector at the regional level, accompanied by historical, cultural information, production data, typical varieties and areas protected by the denomination.

The cartography that includes both the areas with the greatest olive vocation and those of designation of origin is especially well cared for. In addition, for each productive reality a file is dedicated with notes of oil tasting and gastronomic combinations.

The Guide responds to the need to create a product that brings freshness and vitality to the editorial landscape in a very delicate sector such as olive growing and is proposed as an effective instrument, with a modern profile and consistent with its universal vocation. Thanks to the precision and quality of the work, this guide acts as a point of reference for all consumers who are attentive to good food and for operators in the sector nationally and internationally.

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