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Article: Tasting of Umbra with sourdough bread

Degustación de Umbra con pan de masa madre

Tasting of Umbra with sourdough bread

Bread ingredients:
  • 1 Kg of organic wheat flour.
  • 300 g of sourdough.
  • 600 of water.
  • 15 g of salt.

Nothing is easier to taste this product than to use a good freshly made sourdough bread to be able to dip in a bowl with a good jet of Umbra and thus be able to appreciate the nuances of this great product.

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Albóndigas de bacalao, piparras y Umbra

Cod meatballs, piparras and Umbra

Meatballs ingredients: 900 g desalted cod loin. 30 g of lemon juice. 50 g of Brandy. 75 g ground almonds. 10 g of garlic. 15 g of fresh parsley. 80 of Umbra. C/S of black pepper. 2 eggs. ...

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Tagliatelle con crema de setas, trufa y Umbra

Tagliatelle with mushroom cream, truffle and Umbra

Ingredients for the pasta: 300 g of wheat flour. 3 free-range eggs. 3 tablespoons of Umbra. C/S of salt. Preparation of the pasta: Make a volcano with the flour and in the center add t...

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