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The hands are tanned with the wisdom of time, in the continuous connection between earth, tree and fruit.

Being a small, family-owned oil mill allows us to have control of the entire process, from the field to the final product, producing immediately after harvesting (always cold extraction) and obtaining an organic extra virgin olive oil from a dry land fruit. very concentrated and surprising, the result of our commitment to the quality and care of what we offer.

We develop the entire process ourselves, from field work to the collection, processing, packaging and marketing of our own harvest.

All operations are aimed at achieving harmonious growth of the olive tree and its fruits so that they develop correctly and reach the end of their productive stage with optimal ripening.

Harvest time begins in mid-October, when the fruit is at its ideal moment of ripening (veraison). We always collect the fruits from the tree, never from the ground, and using procedures that avoid damaging the fruit.

Once the fruit has been separated from the leaves and branches, we arrive at the cold oil extraction process (made at a temperature below 27º), always within 6 hours of collection.

At the end of the production process, the result we obtain is spectacular, the purest essence... extra virgin organic oils, in intense green or golden tones, depending on the varieties, with well-differentiated organoleptic characteristics, very harmonious and elegant.