Cornicabra / Tin Organic extra virgin olive oil
Tin of 3 liters / 5 liters


The Cornicabra variety is unique, it is very agreeable on the palate with a surprising combination of an almost sweet entrance and powerful end. This variety produces one of the most stable oils that exist, it has a high concentration of monounsaturated oleic acid, vitamin E and natural antioxidants to support the cardiovascular system.

Ideal in tortillas, with shellfish or meat and especially in stews and casseroles.

Cold pressed. Produced with the greatest respect for the natural environment.

Acidity – 0.2% Oleic Acid.

SightAn intense golden colour.
SmellGrass, green tomato, artichoke and green almonds..
TasteAn agreeable and provocative combination of sweet and bitter.
Perfect pairingsIdeal in tortillas, or with shellfish and octopus. With pasta, in pizza dough, with artichokes or asparagus and especially in stews and casseroles.
2020Gold Medal in the International Olive Oil competition MONOCULTIVAR OLIVE OIL EXPO BIO 2020 / Milán Italy
2017Selected by the REPSOL GUIDE as one of the 4 best Cornicabra in the world / Spain.
2017Great Gold Prestige in the contest OLIVINUS / Argentina.
2017Silver Medal in ECOTRAMA / Córdoba.
2017Selected among the 10 oils with the most healthy contents in the world in the WORLD BEST HEALTHY EVOO CONTEST.
2016Silver Medal in ECOTRAMA / Córdoba.
2016Gold Medal in the International contest OLIVE OIL JAPAN / Tokio.
2016Gold Medal in TERRAOLIVO / Israel.
2015Silver Medal in ECOTRAMA / Córdoba.
2015Bronze Medal BIOPRESS OLIVE OIL Magazine / Germany.
2012Chosen by the German magazine DER FEINSCHMECKER for the guide of the best extra virgin olive oils from around the world / Germany.
2012Gold Medail in TERRAOLIVO / Israel.
QualityOrganic extra virgin olive oil SIQEV.
Variety100% Cornicabra. Early harvest.
OriginYecla (Murcia) - Spain.
ExtractionCold pressed by mechanical means.
Acidity0.1% Oleic acid.