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Article: Rapa, the flower of the olive tree

Rapa, la flor del olivo

Rapa, the flower of the olive tree

This spring is being spectacular, after a very rainy autumn and winter, at Almazara Deortegas we are enjoying the great quantity and variety of flowers that cover the countryside.

During the month of May, as the spring temperatures soften and the days lengthen, the Rapa (name of the olive flower) begins to flower in the olive groves of Almazara Deortegas .

The flowering period is short and varies depending on temperature. This stage entails a great expenditure of nutrients for the tree. At Deortegas we take great care of each step of the production process of organic extra virgin olive oil and of course, we also pamper the flowers of our olive grove. Prior to flowering we make contributions of organic matter from our compost bin.

Olive trees in full bloom

Pollination of the olive tree is caused by the wind, pollen grains can travel hundreds of kilometers, travel between regions, countries... and can pollinate flowers of the same variety (self-pollination) or a different one (cross-pollination).

Olive pollen detail

Of these thousands of Rapas (flowers), only 1-2% will be transformed into fruit, but it will be enough to produce a large harvest of quality product and obtain this very special organic extra virgin olive oil .

Olive flower setting

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