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Article: Gold Award for Cornicabra Deortegas in Tokyo, Japan 2020.

Premio Oro para Cornicabra Deortegas en Tokio, Japón 2020.

Gold Award for Cornicabra Deortegas in Tokyo, Japan 2020.

We are very happy to receive this award in Tokyo, with our Cornicabra variety that this year 2020 is proving to be especially authentic.

The Japan Olive Oil Prize is an international competition that aims to promote extra virgin olive oils from around the world. in Japan. It represents a unique opportunity for producers to increase brand awareness in international markets. In particular, Japan is the Asian country where the demand for high-quality extra virgin olive oil is growing the most.

"When it comes to olive oil, we only look for the best. JOOP is synonymous with excellence and equity, awarded by an internationally recognized jury. "Participating oils are selected based on blind tasting procedures and in full compliance with EU regulations."

For more information about the contest:

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