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Frantoio is a variety highly valued and recognized throughout the world for producing Extra Virgin Olive Oil of exceptional quality. It is an early variety that has very aromatic, fruity organoleptic characteristics, and with slight bitterness and spiciness. One of the advantages of this variety of olive is its enormous resistance to adverse weather conditions.


Continuing with our commitment to innovation and diversification, at Almazara Deortegas we decided to incorporate Frantoio into our range of varieties five years ago, with the certainty that it would adapt perfectly to the conditions of the Mediterranean area in which we are located.

Like the rest of the varieties used in Almazara Deortegas, Frantoio comes from organic farming, thus producing Extra Virgin Olive Oils with deep respect for the environment.

At Deortegas oil mill we choose to carry out an early harvest of all our varieties. By carrying out this early harvest, the organoleptic properties are at their best and an Extra Virgin Olive Oil of the highest quality is produced, where all the attributes are present.

During these five years of care, Frantoio has been growing on our Finca de los Charquillos in dry farming and with a traditional plantation framework. Being in this harvest, 2020/2021, in which for the first time we have produced a single-varietal organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Frantoio, exceeding all our expectations. Although this exquisite novelty has a limited production.

Deortegas Frantoio is a shamelessly floral variety, very stimulating due to the citrus aromas that rise, and in which green grass, banana and nuts stand out... Light and expansive in the mouth, with a soft progressive spiciness and a tropical touch. A variety with great content that is expressed.

We recommend using it raw to refresh all types of tapas and accompaniments, toasts, salads... and experiment.

Do not stay without tasting!


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