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Article: The beginning of a new cycle

#olivosdeortegas #olivosdesecano #olivosnevados

The beginning of a new cycle

And the cycle continues...

After a good harvest, the olive trees begin the new
wait until it produces its fruits.

Dry olive trees that appreciate this snow,
this water and the shine of the sun.

This oil is produced in a unique place,
in those roots, in those trunks, in those branches...

Something so special that when you try it,
it just feels...

We invite you to discover and experiment with
our organic extra virgins because simply,
life changes...

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Deortegas entre los 15 aceites de oliva vírgenes extra españoles más premiados a nivel mundial

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Aceite de oliva virgen extra ecológico Deortegas

Use of Nitrogen to prevent oxidation of extra virgin olive oil.

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