Being a small family business allows us control of the entire process from the countryside to the final product. We press the fruit (always cold pressed) immediately that it is harvested to obtain an organic extra virgin olive oil, surprising in its intensity, the result of our commitment to care and quality.

We have developed and rigorously control all aspects of our oil production. We grow, press, bottle and market our own harvest.

All of our work is aimed at achieving a harmonious growth of the tree and its fruit so that they can develop correctly and finally arrive at the end of the cycle in our mill in a perfect state of maturity.

Our harvest time starts around the middle of October when the fruit reaches the perfect moment of ripeness. The olives are harvested directly from the tree (never taken from the ground after falling) and taken to our oil mill, carefully packed in boxes to prevent any damage to the fruit.

Once we have separated any leaves and twigs from the fruit we start the process of extracting the oil. We press the olives cold (always below 27 degrees) and always within 12 hours of picking to ensure freshness and quality.

At the end of this process the results are spectacular. Pure delicious olive oils with intense green and gold shades; well balanced, harmonious and elegant.