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Maintaining an agriculture of care and respect for life is essential in these new times.

Love for the land, care for the countryside and tradition are the bases of our organic production, since our commitment, our character and our roots are born from this exceptional combination.

For this reason, we have developed a comprehensive sustainable agriculture project with which we take advantage of all the by-products, both from cultivation and from the oil obtaining processes, closing a circle of integration and sustainable development that we consider essential for the future.

We compost the pomace, leaf remains and livestock manure, the olive pit is used as biofuel to maintain the hot water and temperature of the facilities, the olive leaves that we collect during olive cleaning are removed as organic food for livestock and the pruning remains are crushed on the farm itself to return to the soil as food.

We also work on research and practices that help preserve the environment and that little by little we are applying in our olive grove, focusing our efforts on keeping our soils healthy, balanced and rich and that the olive trees and the natural environment in which they are located are and grow in the best conditions.

The objective is clear, to obtain a fruit with all its flavor, aroma and properties, promoting healthy eating and respectful agriculture, while we fully enjoy the result by offering something unique.

Our oils are certified by the Organic Agriculture Council of the Region of Murcia and the European Commission of Organic Agriculture, guaranteeing that the oil from our olives does not contain any type of pesticides or other components harmful to health and the environment.