Love of the earth and care for the countryside and its traditions, these are the the base of our organic production. This combination gave birth to our commitment, our character and our roots.

We have developed an integrated sustainable model of agriculture making the best possible use of everything that we take from the land and recycling all the by-products of our oil production.

We mix the olive residues and tree prunings with natural manure and use it to fertilise our own land organically. We use the olive stones as fuel to provide heating and hot water in our oil mill and the leaves that we collect while cleaning the olives provide organic livestock feed. This way we complete the natural cylcle that we consider essential for the future of our world and that forms part of our philosophy as farmers and as a business.

We also work continually investigating new ways of helping to preserve the natural environment so that little by little we can apply them to our olive groves focusing our efforts on keeping them healthy and sound. This way our olives and their natural environment can grow and flourish together in the best possible conditions.

Our aim is very clear, to produce a fruit with all its flavours, aromas and properties using agricultural methods that respect the natural world and from that fruit create a healthy food allowing us to enjoy something completely unique.

All of the Deortegas olive oils are certified by the Region of Murcia Organic Farming Council and the European Commission of Organic Farming guaranteeing that the oils produced from our olives do not contain any form of pesticides and nothing else that is harmful to health or the environment.