Finca Hermosa (Coupage) Organic extra virgin olive oil
Pet 5l


It is the result of the delicate mixture of the varieties Arbequina, Picual, and Cornicabra, achieved through a studied sensory analysis. Surprising balance and smoothness.

SightA medium green.
SmellNotes of leaves, green tomato, banana and aromatic herbs.
TasteA fresh balance between the different varieties.
Perfect pairingsThese varieties combine to produce a very fresh oil perfect for use as it is with bread or in salads, for vegetables and grilled food but also with sufficient body for sea food, meat, soups and casseroles.
QualityOrganic extra virgin olive oil SIQEV.
VarietyArbequina, picual and cornicabra.
Early harvest.
OriginYecla (Murcia) - Spain.
ExtractionCold pressed by mechanical means.
Acidity0.2% Oleic acid.